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No more Monday nights with Mayor Ford and co. The Canadian Sun News Network canceled "Ford Nation" after just one episode. ... more

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Well, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does seem to have a flare for the dramatic side. Starting tonight, you can tune in Mondays at 8 p.m. EST to get a weekly dose of “Ford Nation.” ... more

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Rick Harrison of the TV hit “Pawn Stars” discusses his show, store and political views—including the mounds of government regulation he feels need to get out of American businesses’ way. ... more

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CBS finally apologized Sunday night one week after the television show “Amazing Race” broadcast what critics called an “anti-American” segment that offended Vietnam War veterans. ... more

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You are a reality star. You might think no one sees you in your fenced-in backyard grilling hamburgers in your boxer shorts. But government drones equipped with HD cameras are filming a new reality show starring you: “Drone Dynasty.” ... more

Ashley Herzog - Tue Jan 15

In 1951, Ray Bradbury published Fahrenheit 451, a futuristic novel in which books are burned, and the citizenry occupies itself by watching hours of TV on wall-to-wall sets. Contrary to popular belief, Bradbury says Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t about censorship or McCarthyism. It was about how TV undermines interest in reading and learning. ... more

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I have joked for years that MTV is destroying civilization as we know it. Then, the network gave us “Jersey Shore,” and proved my joke wasn’t funny, it was true. ... more

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After the company pulled ads from the TLC show, a California congressman threatened to organize a boycott of Lowes. ... more

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Once upon a time, women were considered the "fairer sex," the "better half." Stewardesses were talented and beautiful. Wives were softer and gentler. Men fought for their honor. Feminism crushed all of that. ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Oct 21

Networks hungry for viewers know the cheapest way to nab eyeballs is to produce a "reality show" with no stars and often uber-sleazy, supposedly-unscripted-but-in-reality-very-scripted content. But in the rush for the prized 18-49 adult viewers, what about the millions of youngsters, the audience aged 11 to 17, who are also lured into the soup? ... more