Ray LaHood on Townhall

Heather Ginsberg - Tue Jan 14

The former head of the Department of Transportation seems a bit confused about which party he represented at one time and now, has clearly joined the party of the President he worked under instead. ... more

John Ransom - Tue Jun 4

Oh, you thought Obama meant job program? No, no, no: That’s mob program. ... more

Bob Barr - Tue Dec 11

The Nanny State is crawling under the hood of your car. The Obama Administration has recently approved a request by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requiring auto manufacturers to install “Event Data Recorders” (EDRs) -- commonly referred to as “black boxes” -- on every new car sold in the United States starting September 2014. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Fri Mar 2

John Ransom - Thu Oct 13

Hoffa and the Justice Department, says the man who wants head up the Teamsters union, have abused a decades-old consent decree, “which was once used to remove mobsters two decades ago, [but] is now being used to target [Hoffa’s] critics” through a “rogue investigative unit set up by the decree.” ... more

Rachel Alexander - Mon Aug 1

Have you noticed how there is more road construction than usual lately, which never seems to end? In some states it has gotten so bad their departments of transportation have set up road closure email alerts on each highway. ... more

Rich Galen - Fri Apr 29

I have given a great deal of thought to the whole birth certificate thing. Like you, I wondered why, if it had been available all this time, Obama didn't just ask for it two years ago and put this nonsense to bed. ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Apr 28

It's often been said of Barack Obama that his policies are "data driven" -- meaning that whatever his ideological inclinations, he pays attention to dispassionate analysis of real-world evidence. ... more

Michael Barone - Thu Jan 20

Where can the new Congress start cutting spending? Here's one obvious answer: high-speed rail. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Dec 19

In the last decade, the symbol for profligate federal spending was the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere". ... more

Michelle Malkin - Fri Nov 19

America is in debt past its eyeballs. Unemployment remains stuck near double digits. So what's one of the Obama administration's top domestic policy agenda items this month? Combating distracted drivers. ... more

David Harsanyi - Fri Nov 19

As you've probably heard, there's quite a bit of hubbub surrounding the news that the administration's car company has gone public. Another imaginary victory. ... more