Racism on Townhall

Jeff Jacoby - Mon Aug 26

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On the second day of his two-day bus tour, President Obama stopped in Binghamton, N.Y. for a town hall meeting where he touched on America's racial progress. ... more

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Lee Daniels, director of 'The Butler,' thinks America has become more racist since President Obama took office. ... more

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Let’s be clear. As Guy and many others have written, there are no winners in the Zimmerman acquittal. ... more

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The New Haven Register’s recent editorial piece "The KKK, Ted Nugent, and 'mainstream' racisim," is a must-read. ... more

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Mark Baisley - Sun Jul 21

Following those tracks, perhaps the most contrived moment in U.S. Presidential history came on Friday when Barack Obama surprised the White House Press Corps (pronounced kôr, Mr. President) by showing up unannounced to the daily briefing session. Perhaps we were about to learn that they finally caught the perpetrator of the IRS scandal, or Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, or Extortion 17. . . ... more

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