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Alan Sears - Thu Sep 29

Americans continue to pay a terrible, terrible toll for one of the longest (and most ill-conceived) wars in our nation’s history. ... more

Ken Connor - Mon Sep 5

They say there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. Thanks to unbelievable gains in medical technology in recent years however, most Americans are now able to delay the former inevitability for decades longer than their ancestors. ... more

Kyle Olson - Fri Aug 26

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake mercilessly shook the country of Haiti, causing death and destruction of Biblical proportions. By the time the last aftershock was registered, approximately 85,000 Haitians were dead, and hundreds of thousands more were injured or left homeless. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Wed Aug 24

In this day and age, when someone in Nigeria can hack into your bank account, we have the ability to find solutions to the problem of endangered species. without hindering access to resources, without raising the cost of energy and without adding the American Worker to the Endangered List. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Fri Jun 24

Mark Baisley - Sun May 29

That's the great thing about technology. Obselescence guarantees change, hence investment. That means that soon Barack Obama will soon be as relatable to the youth as Dick Cheney. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Apr 15

Nancy Pelosi was howlin' mad, eager to lead the charge on behalf of women everywhere (whether they want her to or not) against the Republican congressional regiments "at war with women." She sees a battlefield littered with bloody female bodies. ... more

Timothy Riley - Thu Mar 10

Health care debates often focus on budget numbers or policy goals. Seldom do we hear how policy changes will affect actual patients. Take what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doing with the late-stage cancer drug Avastin. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Feb 22

Wisconsin protests show the “new era of civility” is over, and that union myrmidons continue to put their own self-interests above the rest of the taxpayers and nation. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Jan 3

A new organization, the Conference of National Black Churches, held its first annual meeting a few weeks ago in Washington, DC. But looking over the group's website, it's not the goal but how they claim they will achieve it that appears dubious. ... more

Niger Innis - Sun Jan 2

Businesses, workers and families face "fuel poverty," injustice, bankruptcy and worse at the hands of their government, if the EPA's regulatory power grab continues. ... more

Redmond Weissenberger - Sat Dec 18

"Success" would have crippled the global economy and kept poor nations impoverished ... more

Star Parker - Mon Nov 22

There are now 41 House members in the Congressional Black Caucus. In the most recent elections, 37 of them ran as incumbents, and all regained their seats handily despite the average poverty rate in their districts being 20.3%. ... more