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Bruce Bialosky - Mon Apr 9

A few weeks back I took on our federal employees for being delinquent on their taxes to the tune of $1 billion. I received some criticism for that article, principally from readers who thought that government employees were being unfairly singled out. But just as that column appeared, the government confirmed what most knowledgeable people already suspected: federal employees are significantly overpaid. ... more

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Illinois has combined $137 billion in pension and healthcare liabilities on top of $9 billion in current unpaid bills. ... more

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According to Mayan calendars and some scholars, 2012 is supposed to be the end of an age and resulting in cataclysmic and transformative events. While the winds and storms are raging and the earth is moving and shaking both literally and figuratively, most everyone will agree the end of the world is not likely, though 2012 is shaping up to potentially bring to end the area of Big Labor as we know it. ... more