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Stewart Scott - Fri Oct 7

The deaths of al-Awlaki and Khan and the impact they will have on AQAP’s outreach efforts provide an opportunity to consider the importance of individuals — and their personal skill sets — to militant organizations, especially organizations seeking to conduct transnational media and ideological operations. ... more

John Hanlon - Fri Oct 7

“I don’t have to play dirty anymore. I got Morris.” Press secretary Stephen Myers (Ryan Gosling) says this early on in the new political thriller, “The Ides of March.” The film tells the story of a naïve campaign employee who has become enchanted by the governor he works for. ... more

Reuters News - Fri Sep 30

Reuters News - Fri Sep 30

Kyle Olson - Thu Sep 29

Vladimir Lenin is popularly attributed with coining the term “useful idiots” – a description of Americans who were in effect doing the bidding of the communist Soviet Union – and subverting American exceptionalism – in the name of global humanity. Lenin “has left the building,” but his leftist agenda lives on among progressives who are obsessed with trying to subvert our free market economy. ... more

Caroline Glick - Wed Sep 28

Upon his return to Ramallah from New York, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was greeted by a crowd of several thousand well-wishers. They applauded him for his speech at the UN. There, Abbas erased Jewish history from the Land of Israel, denied Israel's right to exist and pledged his commitment to establish a racist Palestinian state ethnically cleansed of all Jews. ... more