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Peter Ferrara - Mon Aug 6

The Big Picture Lesson of the 20th century was that capitalism works and socialism and communism don't. The rest of the world learned that lesson far better because they and their close neighbors suffered far more with the socialist and communist progeny of Saul Alinsky's first radical. But America should know better because it has enjoyed most the workers paradise of capitalism. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Jul 19

I see that the stalwarts of Reform Politics throughout the city of New York have been given reason for hope and change. It is reported that former congressman Anthony D. Weiner (pronounced as you might expect) is testing the waters for a return to public life. He is mulling over a run for the mayor's mansion or perhaps a campaign for "public advocate." I am not really sure what a public advocate does, but Weiner has done things in public that are very daring, so I have no doubt he could handle the duties of a public advocate. ... more

Rich Tucker - Sun Jun 24

Each year, it seems, politicians declare that the upcoming election will be make-or-break for the future of the country. ... more

John Stossel - Wed Jun 20

It's presidential season, so again pundits are indignant that money is spent on politics. Spent by corporations! And rich people! Because the Supreme Court allowed that, "2012 will be a miserable year," says The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne. ... more

Paul Kengor - Fri Jun 8

The left-leaning magazine The Nation has published a list of what it deems America’s all-time, most influential progressives. ... more

Madison, Wisc. - Tue Jun 5

At the Wisconsin capitol building, a crazy liberal has been scaring children on field trips with his fervent anti-Scott Walker attitude. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Jun 3

In February 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder said America is a “nation of cowards” on race because we don’t talk about. So let’s talk about it. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun May 20

I forced myself to watch Bill Maher this Friday as I was trying to chart out this column. Thankfully I hadn’t just eaten. ... more

Susan Brown - Tue May 15

America is not the social issue fixer-upper in disrepair Progressives make her out to be. Instead, America is the “world’s last great hope,” and will continue to be, just as soon as we are able to get our head above the water economically. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Thu Apr 19

The left’s latest target du jour is ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for state legislators. ... more

America - Wed Apr 18

Rep. West urges people to 'do your research, undestand these ideologies.' ... more

Susan Brown - Tue Apr 17

In politics, truth-telling can get you into trouble, even if you stumble upon it by accident. Just ask Rep. Allen West (R-FL). ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Apr 15

Yes, this is about race and racism. But no, it’s not about the Trayvon Martin case and how the media is pimping it. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Apr 15

This is the third year in a row that the goon squad in the White House has claimed that the economy is finally gaining traction, only to have the economy slow down “unexpectedly.” Look for “unexpectedly” to make a come back from last year’s overuse by the MSM. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Fri Apr 6

The night of his victories in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia, Mitt Romney laid out the ground upon which he will stand to fight his fall battle with Barack Obama. Obama, said Mitt, seeks "a government-centered society." But Mitt would restore an "opportunity society" built on the foundations of freedom and private enterprise. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Mar 25

The Trayvon Martin case, in addition to being a tragedy, is a case study in political exploitation and progressive tactics. ... more

America - Wed Mar 21

Glenn Beck says the progressive mission has been accomplished... he warns that the new threat to America is Communism. ... more

Marvin Folkertsma - Mon Mar 12

Contemporary liberals fondly recall their progressive forebears from a century past, who railed against trusts and fought for social justice. Certainly, their forebears did much to make them proud; after all, who now could argue against measures that purified the water, ended child labor, compensated workers who suffered disabling accidents, and launched political reforms such as the initiative, recall, referendum, and party primary? ... more

Ed Feulner - Sat Mar 3

The archbishop of Philadelphia. The president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The head of the Union for Traditional Judaism. ... more

David Malcolm - Thu Mar 1

National attention has again been focused on California. President Obama was recently in Los Angeles fundraising with celebrities and movie stars. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Feb 26

Charles M. Blow, communist, er, columnist for The New York Times, pulled back the curtain on the progressive mindset a little this week, as much as there is a mind behind it. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Fri Feb 24

If you like how the Obama administration's multibillion-dollar "investments" in bankrupt solar companies have turned out, you'll love the latest federal loan program to nowhere. It's the Obamacare loyalty rewards program for progressives. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Feb 14

Although Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States, he is by no means unique, except for his complexion. He follows in the footsteps of other presidents with a similar vision, the vision at the heart of the Progressive movement that flourished a hundred years ago. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Feb 14

"Often wrong but never in doubt" is a phrase that summarizes much of what was done by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the two giants of the Progressive era, a century ago. ... more