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John Ransom - Sun Feb 12

About half the people in the administration followed Obama to DC from Chicago. And the amount of sheer corruption shown in the Solyndras, the Lightsquareds and Fast and Furious scandals say it was the wrong half. Liberals didn’t select an Arthur when they reconstituted Camelot, but rather a Mordred. ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jan 17

America lost an unsung hero on January 8 with the passing of Thomas H. Landess, Ph.D. ... more

Michael Brown - Tue Nov 8

According to social commentator Bill Muehlenberg, “The fate of a nation is intimately tied up with its moral and spiritual condition.” If this is true, would it be wrong for conservative Christians, within the parameters established by our Constitution and laws, to do everything in their power to take the lead in the political and educational and media and business sectors of our country? Or does the very thought of that send shivers up your spine? ... more