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Pro-life organizations are standing with a small pro-life group in Waco, Texas to boycott Girl Scout cookies over the organization’s recent “praise for Wendy Davis and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius…and because of a deep and lasting entanglement with abortion providers and abortion rights organizations,” according to the CookieCott 2014’s website. ... more

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In Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' GOP response to the State of the Union was a beautiful pro-life message. ... more

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Today in Washington, DC, thousands of pro-lifers braved below freezing temperatures to March for Life. ... more

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A large percentage of these people come in groups, and if it’s one things groups love, it’s matching apparel. ... more

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The woman pictured with Justin Bieber is his mother — at 17 she was encouraged to abort her baby, but she chose life instead. ... more

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This should clear up any questions regarding Pope Francis' views on abortion. ... more

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The forecast for Washington D.C. on Wednesday calls for winds and a high temperature of just 22 degrees, which will feel like -2 degrees with the windchill. But despite frigid temperatures, the annual March for Life will go on as thousands of people gather in the nation's capital. ... more

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Making a lot of people mad is never good. ... more

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