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Linda Chavez - Fri May 16

John Stossel - Wed Oct 2

Daniel Doherty - Thu Aug 29

At first, I thought this was satire. Evidently it is not ... more

Kyle Olson - Wed Apr 10

As Wisconsin legislators debate expanding the state’s parental choice private school voucher program, Racine Unified Superintendent Dr. Ann Laing’s shocking comments from the last budget cycle remind us school choice is an uphill battle. ... more

Javier Ortiz - Wed Apr 3

During the 2012 Republican National Convention, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice addressed an issue that has been widely absent from any recent and serious conversation in American politics, ominously warning that the education crisis is “a threat to the very fabric of who we are.” ... more

Tim Phillips - Mon Feb 4

Don’t forget the old admonition that things are never as bad as they seem after a defeat, as troubling times often beget great innovation. Those on the Left would be wise to also remember that things are never as good as they seem. A case on point is the issue of school choice. ... more

Kyle Olson - Thu Oct 4

Sometimes private contractors see schools and their multi-million dollar budgets as great sources of potential revenue. ... more Staff - Thu Mar 29