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ANALYSIS: China's barbaric one-child policy ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Sun Jul 3

This a Fourth of July we are reflecting on the Founding Father's intensive study of the Roman civilization. Knowing history, they embraced Rome's virtues and eschewed her vices. The Founders understood the currents of history which gave us a collective heritage unrivaled. Sadly, we as a nation are turning our backs on the morality that made America special. ... more

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Consider Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, who’s blown through nearly $2 trillion taxpayer dollars trying to fix the economy. He admitted Wednesday that he’s clueless about why the economy has a “soft patch,” and insists that Congress increase the debt ceiling. ... more

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Well, we’re still here despite doomsday evangelist Harold Camping’s warning of the end of the world on Saturday, May 21 at 6 p.m. ... more

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A couple of years ago, I let my National Geographic subscription lapse because of the magazine’s relentless earth worship. But I missed the superb photos, crisp writing and mind boggling stats, so I started getting it again. ... more

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Every April 22 is Earth Day. As one who studies Soviet Russia, I can’t help but notice that the day coincides with the birthday of Vladimir Lenin. The inaugural Earth Day occurred April 22, 1970, no less than Lenin’s birth centennial. ... more

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Americans abhor extremism. It is the reason our democracy has lasted for more than 200 years and why we have rejected both socialism and right-wing radicalism. ... more

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God has a plan and a purpose for each and every life he creates. ... more