Ponzi Scheme on Townhall

Thomas Sowell - Tue Sep 20

Many in the media and in politics have gone ballistic over the fact that Texas Governor Rick Perry called Social Security "a Ponzi scheme." ... more

Janet M. LaRue - Mon Sep 19

When it comes to Social Security, Republicans should stop treating seniors like the feeble-minded demographic portrayed in commercials written by 13-year-olds on Madison Avenue. ... more

John Stossel - Wed Sep 14

Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi! There, I said it. To the extent people believe there are trust funds with their names on them, Social Security is absolutely a Ponzi scheme. So is Medicare. People need to hear it. ... more

Bill Murchison - Tue Sep 13

So much for the spirit of we're-all-in-it-together, which prevailed, more or less, at the 9/11 commemorations. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Sep 12

I have a great plan for “saving” Social Security. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Sep 9

It was only fitting that the Republican presidential hopefuls -- or at least eight of them out of a growing crowd -- would be invited to gather at the Reagan Library in the once Golden State, whose parlous economic condition now mirrors that of the country. ... more

Debra J. Saunders - Fri Sep 9

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has a problem. The GOP primary has turned into a two-man race between him and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, it became clear during Wednesday's debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Thu Sep 8

Brian Williams must crave attention. In the latest Republican debate, instead of moderating, he personally debated all the participants. The actual discussion between candidates was more civil and constructive than the endless string of gotcha speeches foisted as questions on the panel by NBC's Williams and his Politico sidekick, John Harris. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Sep 8

Hey working young people, the government is stealing your money and not just once, every two weeks. We should applaud Rick Perry for being open and honest about the real situation of Social Security and youth voters should take note that Perry is looking out for them. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Sep 7

My mother's mother revered Franklin Roosevelt. She voted for him four times, and firmly defended him decades later, when I tried to convince her that FDR was not the haloed saint she imagined. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Tue Sep 6

Charles Ponzi was a Boston swindler who in 1920 bilked thousands of people out of millions of dollars by selling them bonds that guaranteed a fabulous rate of return -- 100 percent in just 90 days. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Thu Aug 18

At the same time, I rather suspect the SEC has safeguarded with perfect care the files on Martha Stewart, two-bit Joe, and blogger Bob. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Jul 25

A US housing bubble was brewing for years. Even after it popped in summer of 2005, many did not recognize that fact for 18 months as the chain reaction mentality "it's different here" spread to every city that had not yet burst. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Jul 24

In this week’s Email, Hate Mail and Comments column Odin the Intellectual asks: “Does this racist twit ever write anything serious?” although it’s not immediately clear that he’s not talking about himself; Henry says that we have to use a better message; and Lilly? Well, Lilly is just her usual self. ... more

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown - Fri Jul 22

"Americans want reform. The Republican majority in the House of Representatives was swept into office by promising reform. The Gang of Six Solution is the antithesis of reform. " ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Jul 17

Are you a Republican? If so, I’d like to congratulate you on your 8 point lead in the polls over President Obama in the 2012 race. Man, November 2012 can’t come fast enough... ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu May 19

One of Dictionary.com's definitions of blackmail is "to extort money from (a person) by use of threats." Substitute "taxpayers" for "person" and you have what the White House and congressional Democrats are doing with the debt ceiling. ... more

Rachel Alexander - Wed Apr 27

Almost no one is talking about the most serious financial catastrophe taking place in the U.S. today. Instead everyone is focused on reigning in Congressional spending, particularly in areas like entitlements and Obamacare. ... more