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Matt Barber - Mon May 27

John Ransom - Mon May 13

His life and presidency can only be understood by recognizing this Obama idée fixe goes beyond merely his ideology and merges into that of his personality. Because only when one realizes that he personally identifies with his ideology in the same way that he identifies himself as a father or husband, can one finally understand how tightly he clings to it. ... more

James Allen - Sun May 12

Thomas Sowell - Tue May 7

Bill Murchison - Tue May 7

Daniel J. Mitchell - Wed Apr 24

It’s a challenge to be a libertarian in Washington because you have to swim against the tide. The vast majority of people in town are looking for excuses to spend money and amass power, and a small band of us are trying to convince them that the federal government should be limited in size and scope. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sun Apr 21

Inquiring minds in the US note the upcoming German election and may be wondering about the platforms of the major political parties. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Apr 16

The death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has prompted reactions from Britain's far left that takes bad taste to new extremes. ... more

John Hawkins - Tue Apr 2

The worst places in America for minorities to live are run lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat Party and yet the residents of those areas overwhelmingly blame Republicans for their plight. ... more

John Ransom - Wed Mar 27

There’s a growing sense of alienation between Wall Street and Main Street. Much of the alienation has to do with the lack of the right type of oversight on money and markets. That lack of confidence, which is largely political in nature, cheapens the stock market. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Mar 5

Back in my teaching days, many years ago, one of the things I liked to ask the class to consider was this: Imagine a government agency with only two tasks: (1) building statues of Benedict Arnold and (2) providing life-saving medications to children. If this agency's budget were cut, what would it do? ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Mar 4

Do we have a president or a perpetual candidate? It's not an entirely unfair question. ... more