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Jackie Gingrich Cushman - Thu Oct 10

John Stossel - Wed Oct 9

New York - Tue Feb 7

Bill O'Reilly says Clint Eastwood "caught in the political wars" after Chrysler Super Bowl ad. Analysts discuss the issue. ... more

George Friedman - Wed Nov 2

Russia’s ultimate plan is to re-establish control over much of its former territories. This inevitably will lead Moscow and Washington back into a confrontation, negating any so-called reset, as Russian power throughout Eurasia is a direct threat to the U.S. ability to maintain its global influence. ... more

Armstrong Williams - Tue Apr 26

In the midst of a season that has provided riveting political theater – the budget extension impasse and the impending battle over raising the debt ceiling – a bright ideological line has emerged between the two major political parties. It is not about whether we must reduce our debt (both sides ostensibly agree that we must), but about where those cuts should come from. ... more

Cal Thomas - Tue Jan 25

By now those holiday bills have arrived. Those who have charged too much have cut back on spending until the bills are paid. Some have gone on the spending wagon, cutting their plastic into tiny pieces. ... more

Salena Zito - Sun Dec 12

If your attention is diverted for the briefest of moments as you walk along North Mill Street’s red-brick sidewalk, you easily could miss the former law office of Henry Clay. ... more

Robert Knight - Wed Jan 20

Now that the big drama is over, and Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown has taken what was for four decades Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat, Americans can sit back and watch more high drama. ... more

Thomas Sowell - Tue Mar 24

We are not yet a banana republic, though that is the direction in which some of our politicians are taking us-- especially those politicians who make a lot of noise about "compassion" and "social justice." ... more