Piers Morgan on Townhall

America - Tue Jan 1

'I partied so hard last night I totally won't be able to testify at the Benghazi hearing." ... more

Heather Ginsberg - Sun Dec 30

Michael Brown - Fri Dec 28

Fresh off his attack on America’s gun control laws, Piers Morgan set his sights on another set of laws that trouble him, the laws of Moses and the Bible. But before he called for an amendment to the Bible to recognize “gay rights,” Morgan actually asked his guest, Pastor Rick Warren, a very fair question, and Warren stumbled in his answer. ... more

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New York, NY - Thu Dec 20

John Lott, author of, "More Guns, Less Crime," argues with talk show host Piers Morgan on the merits of gun control. ... more

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Townhall's Katie Pavlich discusses Mitt Romney's tax returns with Piers Morgan. ... more

America - Tue Sep 25

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells CNN's Piers Morgan that Iran will defend itself against Israel as it "seeks to fabricate things." ... more

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David Limbaugh - Fri May 4

There was a silver lining for Jonah Goldberg in Piers Morgan's ambush interview of him allegedly concerning his new book, "The Tyranny of Cliches." Jonah couldn't have written a better script to illustrate his book's theme. ... more

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Piers Morgan asks the Dalai Lama about the people who have really impressed him. ... more

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“The negative for me was that there were too many accomplishments.” ... more

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"Well, I don't think you know me, Piers Morgan, I think we've maybe spent 8 seconds together." ... more

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"I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates." ... more

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"This is what I find fascinating. I've been involved in politics since 1958... yet you're explaining to me the reality of politics" ... more

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The first in the nation caucuses in my state are a little more than 60 days away, soon to be followed by crucial early primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. ... more

Janet M. LaRue - Mon Oct 24

Who can say “gay” isn’t okay in New Jersey? Judging by Gov. Chris Christie’s actions, teachers can't. ... more

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Cain's big achievement up to now was serving as president and CEO of Godfather's Pizza. But at the rate he's going, Americans will soon start to wonder if he knows the difference between a thin-crust pie and the box it came in. ... more