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On Thursday afternoon, Quebec became the first province in Canada to pass a law permitting physician-assisted suicide by lethal injection for patients who meet specific criteria. ... more

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Euthanasia in the case of the elderly and terminally ill is controversial in America, especially as the population ages and medical technology improves. However, euthanasia-friendly Europe puts the US in perspective: an overwhelming majority of Belgians support a proposed euthanasia law with no age restrictions. ... more

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"Why was Chris Matthews on the dais?" This remains the most frequently asked question I get about the presidential election. It refers to the Al Smith dinner, an annual event that raises money for Catholic charities, (many of which are threatened by Obama administration policies), just weeks before the big day. Both presidential candidates attended the dinner, hosted by the Archdiocese of New York. ... more

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IF HIPPOCRATES, the "Father of Western Medicine" were alive today, would he favor Question 2, the Massachusetts ballot initiative to authorize doctor-prescribed suicide? ... more

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Lately, Americans have been quick to disparage other countries for their approach to life and death issues. In particular, many Americans have been outraged at the Netherlands’ policies regarding euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide and the killing of those with mental illnesses. ... more

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