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Mike Shedlock - Sun Feb 9

Christine Rousselle - Mon Feb 3

Kiddie porn does not qualify as "moral turpitude" under new laws. ... more

Dave Ramsey - Tue Jul 23

Q: Considering the condition of the economy, how secure should I feel about the solvency of my pension? A: In many ways, this would depend on your particular pension. Some pension funds are very well-run, very solvent and are in great shape. Others are poorly managed and not the type of programs in which you’d want to invest any of your money. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Mon Apr 29

A recent transportation bill, also changed how pensions calculate their liabilities so that everyone can pretend like pensions are more solvent. ... more

Morgan Brittany - Mon Apr 15

Look no further than that luscious stash of cash that is just sitting there in people’s retirement accounts. ... more