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Sarah Jean Seman - Sun Dec 7

Seventy-three years ago today, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor killing more than 2,000 Americans and plunging the United States into World War II. ... more

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Sarah Jean Seman - Sun Dec 8

True to form, President Obama made the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor all about himself with a publicity shot on the USS Arizona Memorial. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Sat Dec 7

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Oliver North - Fri Dec 9

Seventy years ago this week, Japanese Cmdr. Mitsuo Fuchida led an airborne strike force of 49 "Kate" bombers, 40 torpedo bombers, 51 "Val" dive bombers and 43 "Zeke" fighters on the first wave of an attack on Pearl Harbor and plunged America into World War II. At 9:45 that terrible Sunday morning, a second wave of 167 attack aircraft added to the devastation. ... more

Robert Morrison - Thu Dec 8

This week marks the seventieth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. More than 2,500 Americans were killed in that “sudden and deliberate attack.” ... more

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During the Christmas season, we actually tend to be more thankful for things that we more easily overlook at other times of the year. Things as foundational as family, friends, and a warm place to lay our heads at night become focal points. ... more