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Cal Thomas - Tue May 8

"Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr." is another of the Harvard professor's wonderful television series for PBS. ... more

Reuters News - Tue Mar 20

Kyle Olson - Sat Mar 10

Unfortunately for traditional America – the one that values independence, free market capitalism and limited government – too many aging radicals from the 1960s and ‘70s have found their way into government school classrooms. ... more

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Whether Bill Clinton was a good president, whether he deserves the credit for balanced budgets and projected surpluses or whether he should have been impeached are matters about which reasonable people can and do disagree. A new movie doesn't take that tact. ... more

America - Fri Dec 30

"We're not going to kill Big Bird, but Big Bird is going to have advertisements." ... more

Marvin Olasky - Wed Dec 28

It's time once again to relish the worst mainstream journalism of the past 12 months. For the 24th year in a row I'm a judge for the Media Research Center awards, and this year the 98 finalists taught me a lot. ... more