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"There is a vast machinery of selective liberal outrage, fueled and lubricated by the media, universities and celebrity entertainment." ... more

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The third year of Barack Obama's presidency is running into the same troubles he faced in his first two, undermining his prospects for a second term. ... more

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Just before midnight last Thursday, a White House autopen signed legislation extending controversial provisions of the Patriot Act that were scheduled to expire the next day. President Obama authorized the use of a machine to produce a facsimile of his signature because he was traveling in Europe. But it was oddly appropriate, given the facsimile of congressional debate that preceded the bill's passage. ... more

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Government has become too damn big, too damn intrusive, and too damn lucrative for the good of the country. That's why so much of the political class in this country is comprised of con men, sociopaths, and fortune hunters. ... more

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