Outsourcing on Townhall

Mona Charen - Fri Oct 31

Kara Jones - Mon Jun 23

The world’s largest medical technology company, Medtronic, has announced plans to move its corporate headquarters from Minneapolis to Dublin, Ireland. With U.S. corporate tax rate at a mighty 35 percent, one of the highest in the world, it is no wonder Medtronic would rather operate from Ireland, where the rate is only 12.5 percent. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Dec 14

The prospect of hanging, as Samuel Johnson observed, "concentrates the mind wonderfully." We're counting on that kind of concentration to keep us from falling off the infamous fiscal cliff, which doesn't sound like fun. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Nov 13

We heard a lot of loose talk during the presidential campaign about getting tough with Communist China. Since both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney criticized China's violations of free-trade rules that the United States obeys, this would be the perfect issue to showcase the bipartisanship to which both men said they are committed. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Tue Aug 21

The examples of the Obama Administration "stimulating" jobs everywhere on the planet except here in America are endless. An astute reader reminded us of one of the most glaring examples – hiring Chinese companies and Chinese workers to build roads and bridges all across America. ... more

Washington, DC - Thu Aug 9

Townhall's Elisabeth Meinecke discusses Hollywood donor outsourcing with Neil Cavuto. ... more

John Stossel - Wed Aug 1

The Olympics have gone smoothly despite -- gasp! -- America's team wearing clothing made in China at the opening ceremony. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Fri Jul 20

Mitt Romney is today the beneficiary of some desperate counsel from alarmed Republicans on how to escape the snare in which he has found himself. ... more

Steve Chapman - Thu Jul 19

It's a familiar story: A manufacturing company finds its wages too high, looks for ways to cut costs and ends up moving production overseas where the pastures are greener. It happened when some American jobs were outsourced to China. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Jul 18

Before taking the oath of office, Barack Obama vowed to fundamentally transform the United States. He has certainly done so. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Jul 17

Among President Obama's disingenuous promises made over his four years, he said he would focus on creating "jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced." ... more

New York - Tue Jul 17

O'Reilly talks about outsourcing in his talking points segment. ... more

Brian Darling - Mon Jul 16

The left continues to pile on Mitt Romney for allegedly outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital. Yet the mainstream media seem curiously uninterested in reporting on “outsourcing” by the Obama Administration, which has (1) outsourced stimulus monies to create jobs in foreign nations, (2) outsourced U.S. foreign policy to U.N. and (3) outsourced our kids and grandkids financial future to pay for his unprecedented spending binge. ... more

America - Mon Jul 16

Stephanopoulos presses Rahm on stimulus outsourcing. ... more

America - Thu Jul 12

The new RNC ad calls out Obama's overseas stimulus spending. ... more