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Katie Pavlich - Tue Nov 26

In Oregon, Obamacare is being called an "epic failure" by lawmakers as the state-based exchange continues to fail. ... more

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What did they spend $220 million on?! ... more

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It's been 49 days since the Obamacare exchanges launched on October 1. ... more

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Epic fail is epic. ... more

Christine Rousselle - Thu Sep 12

Researchers in Oregon have developed a vaccine that appears to clear HIV from a patient. ... more

Kyle Olson - Sun Oct 21

The Eagle Point Education Association has filed suit against the district’s school board, claiming the board chilled its “free speech” rights because it banned picketing on school property during a May teachers strike. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Sep 26

By the time the 21st Amendment ended national alcohol prohibition in December 1933, more than a dozen states had already opted out. Maryland never passed its own version of the Volstead Act, while New York repealed its alcohol prohibition law in 1923. Eleven other states eliminated their statutes by referendum in November 1932. ... more