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Iowa - Tue Jan 3

"I think the gap between his [Obama's] promises and his performance is the largest I've seen, well, since the Kardashian wedding and the promise 'til death do us part.'" ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Nov 2

With Rick Perry suddenly pushing a flat tax and Herman Cain substantively revising his popular 9-9-9 revenue plan, GOP candidates may finally refocus their feverish, fatuous immigration obsession, dropping an issue emphasis that’s destructive, distracting, demented and downright dumb. ... more

Amy Oliver - Sun Oct 23

Mining in China has turned towns and hamlets into “cancer villages.” Rivers run murky white to shades of orange. Fish and ducks are dead. And villagers bury friends and neighbors who die of cancer in their 30s and 40s reports Intellasia. ... more

Amy Oliver - Sun Sep 25

Turns out there's a lot of money to go around when a company gets a taxpayer loan. Congressional campaigns, governor campaigns and yes, even presidents get a rebate when loans are made. ... more

Guy Benson - Fri Sep 16

Bob Beauprez - Wed Sep 7

Writing about her under expectations for Obama's jobs speech this week, Dowd implies she is now among the vast majority of Americans who "may no longer have faith that he's a smarty-pants who can fix the economy." ... more

Robert Knight - Tue Jul 12

When Tim Geithner whipped out his pocket Constitution in May to address the debt ceiling issue, the rivers in Hades must have been packed with ice skaters. ... more

Peter Ferrara - Tue Jun 21

The failures of federal, state and local officials of both major parties, over many years, have primed a ticking bankruptcy bomb for America that will explode the American Dream if we don't disarm it. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Jun 20

A new Rasmussen poll shows that following the Republican debate in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann catapulted into the number two slot as a prospective nominee behind Mitt Romney. ... more

Diana West - Fri Jun 17

Once upon a time, the man who was given charge of all the secrets of the nation was then given charge of all of its soldiers and weapons. And none of the people's representatives seemed to give a fig that this same man, once upon another time, was very close to a minion of the nation's mortal enemy -- that the man even read the minion's praises into the Congressional Record and later spoke at his funeral. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Jun 6

As the season of presidential politics 2012 unfolds, I’m struck by similarities between today and the tumultuous period in our history that led up to the election of Abraham Lincoln and then on to the Civil War. ... more

Star Parker - Mon Jan 31

The Republican take away from President Obama’s State of the Union address should be unwavering opposition to an unconditional increase in the U.S. debt limit. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Dec 8

President Obama¹s acceptance of a Republican plan to continue President George W. Bush¹s tax cuts for two more years, and a 2 percent payroll tax cut through 2011, is a complete capitulation to GOP demands that he change course. ... more

Phyllis Schlafly - Tue Dec 7

One of the greatest risks of the current lame-duck Congress is the possibility of Senate confirmation of President Obama's radical appointments to federal courts, boards and agencies. ... more

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Wed Nov 24

The political season before us will undoubtedly be filled with both opportunity and danger. ... more