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  • Austin Hill - A Synopsis Of The Protestors (To Whom Obama Extends His Sympathies)

    A Synopsis Of The Protestors (To Whom Obama Extends His Sympathies)

    Austin Hill
    Posted: 10/9/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    “…You don’t see CEO’s driving to work in a junky old Honda like I am. They’re driving Bentley’s. And I want MY BENTLEY! And I want it NOW!”
  • John Ransom - Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers

    Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers

    John Ransom
    Posted: 10/9/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    The longest Email, Hate mail edition ever! While some have accused liberalism of being a mental disorder, today's column shows that it might also be a learning disability.
  • Debra J. Saunders - Occupy Wall Street: All Bite, No Apple

    Occupy Wall Street: All Bite, No Apple

    Debra J. Saunders
    Posted: 10/9/2011 12:00:00 AM EST
    As Occupy Wall Street activists clogged New York's Zuccotti Park protesting "corporate greed" and Occupy SF hit San Francisco's Financial District on Wednesday protesting "corporate greed," the world learned that Steve Jobs, perhaps America's most beloved modern capitalist, had died at age 56.
  • Rich Galen - Where's the Outrage

    Where's the Outrage

    Rich Galen
    Posted: 10/7/2011 1:22:00 PM EST
    In one of the GOP Presidential debates the number of prisoners who had been put to death in Texas drew applause from the audience. In a subsequent debate, the issue of the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was being discussed and, during a short video of a Marine talking about being openly gay, two members of that audience booed.
  • Jonah Goldberg - Sorting Out the 'Extremists'

    Sorting Out the 'Extremists'

    Jonah Goldberg
    Posted: 10/7/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Brian Phillips is the head of communications for the NYC General Assembly, the group primarily responsible for occupying Wall Street. I learned about him while listening to National Public Radio's "Morning Edition." According to NPR, Phillips is "an ex-Marine with a bachelor's in computer science. Today he is wearing a sock on his head."
  • Michelle Malkin - The Miracle of iCapitalism

    The Miracle of iCapitalism

    Michelle Malkin
    Posted: 10/7/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Here is your high-resolution teachable moment of the week: anti-capitalist, anti-corporate extremists of "Occupy Wall Street" mourning Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs without a trace of irony.
  • Ryan James Girdusky - Government Discredited Capitalism

    Government Discredited Capitalism

    Ryan James Girdusky
    Posted: 10/6/2011 2:09:00 PM EST
    The left have rightful grudge against corrupt government actions; all the while they maintain a childlike belief that government will act in their best interests if only there was just more government. It is mind baffling to see such an anemic argument by a large group who has no in-depth understanding about the difference between corporatism and free market or how government discredited capitalism.
  • Victor Davis Hanson - Democracy's New Discontents

    Democracy's New Discontents

    Victor Davis Hanson
    Posted: 10/6/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
  • Ann Coulter - This Is What A Mob Looks Like

    This Is What A Mob Looks Like

    Ann Coulter
    Posted: 10/5/2011 6:10:00 PM EST
    I am not the first to note the vast differences between the Wall Street protesters and the tea partiers. To name three: The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.
  • Donald Lambro - Hope Behind Occupy Wall Street

    Hope Behind Occupy Wall Street

    Donald Lambro
    Posted: 10/5/2011 2:31:00 PM EST
    The angry, youth-driven, anti-capitalism protests begun in New York City a few weeks ago are the latest manifestation of President Obama's lengthening recession.
  • Brian McNicoll - Stupidest. Protest. Ever.

    Stupidest. Protest. Ever.

    Brian McNicoll
    Posted: 10/5/2011 1:51:00 PM EST
    Even so, I must say the Occupy Wall Street movement may be the most stupid ever to take root in America. Protestors keep complaining about the dearth of media coverage. They should be glad.
  • David Harsanyi - Occupy Wall Street: A Manifesto

    Occupy Wall Street: A Manifesto

    David Harsanyi
    Posted: 10/5/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, women and transgendered -- and any other human who is able to elude the tyranny of work for a couple of weeks -- are created equal. We gather to be free not of tyranny, but of responsibility and college tuitions. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that a government long established and a nation long prosperous be changed for light and transient causes. So let our demands* be submitted to a candid world
  • Marybeth Hicks - Occupy reality, kids

    Occupy reality, kids

    Marybeth Hicks
    Posted: 10/5/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    If you’ve been too busy holding down a job (or two), juggling the demands of a busy family, engaging in community service, and occasionally taking the wife and kids out for a pizza on a Saturday night, you may not have noticed that several thousand protesters have “occupied” Wall Street, Washington DC, and other locations across the United States for the past three weeks or so.
  • Tony Katz - Everything That's Wrong With the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

    Everything That's Wrong With the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

    Tony Katz
    Posted: 10/4/2011 1:09:00 PM EST
    There are some serious inconsistencies here. Corporate "greed" is the catalyst for millions of American paychecks. Global warming (the anthropogenic kind) has been thoroughly debunked and "social inequality" is just another way to say "social justice," which is just another wealth redistribution scam.
  • Jeff  Carter - Occupy Wall Street Plays Perfect Game

    Occupy Wall Street Plays Perfect Game

    Jeff Carter
    Posted: 10/4/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Ah yes, the Obama campaign team is hard at work. Occupy Wall Street would like a totalitarian government and an Obama reelection or retention by other means. That fits nicely with the Roseanne Barr statement about guillotines and re-education camps. This must be the new tone.
  • Jeff  Carter - Occupy K Street

    Occupy K Street

    Jeff Carter
    Posted: 10/3/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    Generally it’s best to be suspicious of big movements that become a media spectacle. Was Code Pink anti-war, or were they just anti-Republican party? I haven’t seen them marching on the streets or creating disturbances since November 2008 and the last I checked our military and anti-terror operations were expanded not disbanded.
  • John Ransom - The Hypocrisy of Dopes

    The Hypocrisy of Dopes

    John Ransom
    Posted: 10/3/2011 12:01:00 AM EST
    If Obama really cared about your progressive causes he wouldn’t have used the DOE program for a slush fund; he would have solved illegal immigration when he had a majority; he would have passed a healthcare bill that brought costs down; he would have closed Gitmo; he would have arrested Al Awaki; he would have declared war in Libya.
  • Rachel Marsden - Will Leftists' Attempt to Ignite America Create a Spark?

    Will Leftists' Attempt to Ignite America Create a Spark?

    Rachel Marsden
    Posted: 9/6/2011 3:16:00 PM EST
    A "flash point" in law-enforcement terms is "a point at which someone or something bursts suddenly into action or being." One such point sits just ahead on the horizon in America, with various leftists and anarchists preparing to mobilize all their reserves for a burst into action beginning on and around Sept. 17.