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John Hawkins - Tue Dec 6

Playing baseball games without keeping score. Parents not allowed to cheer for one side or the other at basketball games. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Tue Dec 6

They say they want to draw attention to income inequality. They have. We all now know that they claim to represent the 99% against the income gains of the 1%. They say they want a more open, more democratic government. ... more

David Malcolm - Fri Dec 2

In the aftermath of the nation’s favorite fall pastimes -- overeating and over shopping -- comes a tumultuous week of new news about old topics: Barney Frank, Billy Crystal and the Occupy movement. ... more

Tony Katz - Thu Dec 1

The remains of Occupy LA were hauled off to the city dump, by the city, at the taxpayers’ expense. The amount of trash? Approximately 30 tons. ... more

LA - Mon Nov 28

Warning: language. "We didn't come here to listen to f****** cops." ... more

Kate Hicks - Fri Nov 25

Matt Barber - Tue Nov 22

While necessity is the mother of invention, sloth and envy beget mediocrity and upheaval – the twin siblings of secular-socialism. It is in this vein that a rebellious and increasingly violent spirit of incoherent anarchy continues to fester in urban centers across the nation. This is most evident in the form of the envy-driven "Occupy wherever" nonsense embraced by the "progressive" establishment. ... more

America - Mon Nov 21

Occupiers make excuses for rape incidents. ... more

New York City - Fri Nov 18

Steven Crowder reviews highlights from the Occupy Movement. ... more

New York City - Fri Nov 18

Greg Gutfeld's daily monologue dedicated to the #OWS protests and their national 'day of action' that took place November 17th. ... more

New York City - Fri Nov 18

Bill O'Reilly is criticizing #OWS for causing millions of dollars of damage, and footing the bill to tax payers. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Nov 17

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Nov 17

New York - Thu Nov 17

"You've been here 8 weeks and you already have a ghetto?" Thank you, Daily Show. ... more