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America - Tue Mar 27

Organized occupiers protesting conservative event in Wisconsin... ... more

Lincoln Brown - Wed Mar 21

In the spring, a young activist’s fancy apparently turns to thoughts of Occupying once again. But if they knew the truth, they might run screaming for the nearest employment office, after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. ... more

America - Wed Mar 21

Glenn Beck says the progressive mission has been accomplished... he warns that the new threat to America is Communism. ... more

New York, NY - Mon Mar 5

Breitbart reveals an even more radical element in the 'Occupy' movement's goal of abolishing capitalism. ... more

America - Wed Feb 29

The 'hacktivist' group, Anonymous, labeled by NSA as a threat to national security has released a video declaring war on the United States government. ... more

New York, Washington D.C. - Wed Feb 29

Ben & Jerry trying to raise 2 million to pay far left agitators/hardcore occupy protestors. Makes you think twice about buying that next pint of Chunky Monkey... ... more

California - Tue Feb 28

Watters' World crashes the Oscars. ... more

Katie Pavlich - Mon Feb 27

Debra J. Saunders - Sun Feb 19

Occupy Oakland activists have filed a lawsuit against the city and are seeking damages. The American Civil Liberties Union-backed suit argues that protesters are engaged in "peaceful expressive activity" and that Oakland police have used "excessive force" that has inflicted "mental stress" on activists. The lawsuit also complains that police have not warned activists sufficiently before dispersal orders. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Feb 19

I’ve been contacted by many readers asking why I use the word “progressive” instead of “liberal.” I figured I’d write a little bit about why this week. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Fri Feb 17

Jon Sanders - Tue Feb 14

Vampires are bloodsucking monsters that live forever but can be killed by sunlight. The impulse to compare them to out-of-control government is certainly understandable. ... more

Helen Whalen Cohen - Sun Feb 12