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Scott Rasmussen - Fri Jun 8

Mayor Michael Bloomberg ignited a firestorm of debate with his proposal to ban super-size sugary drinks in New York City. Critics bashed his nanny-statism, but supporters like first lady Michelle Obama hailed his courage. ... more

Ken Connor - Wed Jun 6

schiz·o·phre·ni·a – a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements. ... more

New York - Fri Jun 1

Bloomberg: 'It's to remind you that this is something that is detrimental to your health.' ... more

Rich Tucker - Thu May 17

A recent comic strip summed up life in these United States in 2012. Several rotund Americans are waiting in line at the movie theater. All are holding massive tubs of popcorn, jumbo candy bars and vats of soda. They’re queuing to watch “The Hunger Games.” ... more

America - Thu May 10

Seriously? ... more

Rebecca Hagelin - Thu Mar 22

Food is in the news. Specifically, the food that Big Government wants you—or your children--to eat. ... more

Reuters News - Tue Dec 13

Michael Brown - Mon Oct 24

Perhaps I was not the only one ignorant of the field of “fat studies” or the existence of a “fat pride” movement? But this is meant to be serious stuff, starting with the Foreword by Marilyn Wann: “Fat Studies: An Invitation to Revolution.” A fat pride revolution? ... more

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