Obama Jobs Speech on Townhall

Michael Barone - Tue Sep 6

I can't remember a more stunning rebuke of a president by a congressional leader than House Speaker John Boehner's refusal to agree to President Barack Obama's demand -- er, request -- that he summon a joint session of Congress to hear the president's latest speech on the economy at 8 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 7. ... more

Carol Platt Liebau - Mon Sep 5

This week, as President Obama prepares for a big jobs speech (yet again!), and one thing is certain: Whatever he says, it will be cloaked in euphemism. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Sep 4

It’s Labor Day weekend, so I’ve decided to unionize myself for 3 days and go on strike, just to see what it’s like. By “strike” I mean drink alcohol and sleep in everyday. ... more