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Michigan - Wed Oct 12

Scare tactics, much? ... more

Guy Benson - Tue Oct 11

Townhall.com Staff - Tue Oct 11

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Oct 10

Townhall.com Staff - Wed Oct 5

Kyle Olson - Tue Oct 4

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, is rolling out its new $350,000 television ad campaign to generate support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Thirty billion of Obama’s $450 billion jobs bill has been designated to supposedly save 285,000 teaching jobs. ... more

Austin Hill - Sun Oct 2

Just because you’ve excelled in your chosen career field doesn’t mean that you have a clue about economics. And just because people claim that they are being self-sacrificing, doesn’t necessarily make it so. As President Obama struggles seeks support for his tax-and-spend “jobs bill,” an intriguing chorus of supporters has emerged, intertwining fact and fiction. ... more

Washington D.C. - Tue Sep 27

President Obama addresses the Congressional Black Caucus. He requests renewed support for his job plan and for an end to the "complaining" from his African-American constituents. ... more

Rich Galen - Wed Sep 21

The Popular Press is swooning over what they consider to be the new-found potency in President Barack Obama's demands that the Congress pass his Jobs Bill. ... more

Jeff Carter - Sat Sep 10

The last time Republicans and independents heard, “Pass this bill”, we got Obamacare. So pardon us if we really examine what the President is proposing and analyze the economic consequences of it. ... more