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Donald Lambro - Fri Mar 28

John Stossel - Wed Mar 19

Donald Lambro - Wed Feb 26

Kevin Glass - Fri Sep 6

The Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with the government's estimates of economic performance for August today. The news is, as it has been for a long time, mediocre. ... more

Dan Holler - Mon Jul 22

Bob Beauprez - Sun Mar 24

The problem is that Barack It's-Not-My-Fault Obama isn't willing to accept responsibility for his failed policies that have stalled, even worsened, the recovery he promised to lead. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri Mar 15

President Obama and the Democrats still don't get it. They laid down their budget markers this week, seeking to impose nearly $1 trillion in new taxes on an economy that's still struggling to get back on its feet. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Mar 6

If anyone still thinks President Obama is serious about putting our fiscal house in order, Exhibits A and B prove he's been playing political games with this issue from the beginning. ... more

Julie Borowski - Thu Feb 14

President Obama’s State of the Union address recycled the same old tired rhetoric that he’s been peddling since 2009. Instead of addressing how to reduce the nation’s $16 trillion debt and lower the high unemployment rate, Obama proposed more reckless spending and regulations that will further stifle economic growth in this country. ... more

New York, NY - Thu Dec 6

She talked with Hannity about who's to blame if we go over the cliff. ... more

Ann Coulter - Wed Nov 28

One bright spot of Barack Obama's re-election was knowing that unemployment rates were about to soar for the precise groups that voted for him -- young people, unskilled workers and single women with degrees in gender studies. But now the Democrats are sullying my silver lining by forcing Republicans to block an utterly pointless tax-raising scheme in order to blame the coming economic Armageddon on them. ... more

Maggie Gallagher - Thu Nov 8

There is no point in spinning -- conservatives need to face honestly what this election means. ... more

Donald Lambro - Tue Nov 6

We heard some real whoppers in this year's campaign but the biggest of them all was President Obama's wildly exaggerated jobs claim. ... more

Chuck Norris - Tue Oct 30

The definition of spin is to apply a slant or particular emphasis to information, as to persuade or deceive. President Barack Obama really has been pounding the pulpit the past few days, with the election right around the corner, with the help of his speechwriters. He sounds a lot like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. ... more

Brian Darling - Sat Oct 13

President Obama’s economic ideas hold that government spending on construction, alternative energy sources welfare will inspire long term growth. But this theory has a big problem: Government is a terrible allocator of resources. ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Oct 10

Finally, a pollster asked voters the one question that matters in this presidential election: Does Barack Obama know how to fix the economy? ... more

Donald Lambro - Wed Sep 19

Somewhere in the last month or so, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign lost its laser-like focus on the bleak, job- starved Obama economy. It allowed Obama's campaign to define him with a blitz of television ads in the summer, as Romney husbanded his resources and declined to aggressively punch back in the key battleground states that will decide the outcome of this election. ... more

Paul Greenberg - Fri Sep 14

How to make a silk purse: First you hand Barack Obama a sow's ear. He'll explain it may look pretty bad, but it's really pretty good. Like the latest jobs report, which only an incumbent president could profess to love. Here's how this president presents it: "Today we learned that after losing around 800,000 jobs a month when I took office, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row, a total of 4.6 million jobs." ... more