Norway Shooting on Townhall

Suzanne Fields - Fri Aug 5

Nothing so focuses the mind on the nature of evil like mass murder. The numbers magnify a singular horror, and become collectively unfathomable. Josef Stalin, who knew something about mass murder, showed his cold-blooded ruthlessness when he called one death a tragedy, many deaths a statistic. ... more

Diana West - Thu Jul 28

"I don't see how else to interpret the omission of highly relevant news, the projection of Muslim victimization, and the apparent elevation of a criminal lunatic's pseudo-thesis to a means to silence "politically incorrect" critiques of Islam." ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Jul 27

"Had Norway not surrendered to the anti-self-defense nuts, and allowed Norwegians to protect themselves by legally carrying guns, the massacre might well have been prevented." ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Jul 27

Last week, a psychotic anti-multiculturalism, anti-immigrant, anti-Marxist named Anders Behring Breivik shot up a children's summer camp in Norway. This begs the question: when should an ideology be held responsible for murder undertaken by its adherents? ... more

USA - Wed Jul 27

Thom Hartmann rants about the conservatives, claiming that everyone from George Bush to Glenn Beck is responsible for the Norwegian terrorist attacks. ... more

New York - Wed Jul 27

"What's your evidence that he (the Norwegian terrorist) was exposed to right wing propaganda? Could it be that he's just nuts?" ... more