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Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Sep 9

Verizon argued Monday their constitutional rights are being violated by the Federal Communication Commission's 2010 Open Internet order, also referred to as the “net neutrality order.” ... more

AP News - Wed Sep 28

Bob Beauprez - Thu Aug 25

But, the latest analysis by the Small Business Administration (SBA) calculates that compliance with federal regulation costs a staggering $1.75 trillion annually - and, that is a 2008 pre-Obama Administration estimate. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Sat Aug 20

Total employment at the conglomeration of federal agencies responsible for enforcing compliance with the myriad of laws now exceeds 281,000 people. That's an increase of 13 percent during a time when 27 million Americans find themselves unemployed, under-employed, or have completely given up even trying to find work. The budgets at these same agencies have increased 16 percent during the same period to over $54 billion. ... more

Fred Smith - Sat Aug 6

The debt ceiling negotiations and debates over government spending have transfixed the nation for the last few weeks. President Obama’s call for a “clean” debt limit increase—one without spending reductions attached—was bound to fail from the beginning, as many House Republicans were elected on promises to bring the growth of government under control. ... more Staff - Fri Jun 24

Helen Whalen Cohen - Sun Jun 5

Robert Knight - Wed Apr 6

President Obama needs to reinvent reality, so where does he go? A college campus. ... more

Katie Kieffer - Mon Mar 21

On Dec. 21, 2010, the FCC essentially declared that the Internet and telephone communications are the same. You know, like how water and beer are both beverages so they clearly are the same? ... more

Kelly Cobb - Wed Feb 23

For two years, President Obama's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched a number of regulatory campaigns purporting to protect consumers. Their onerous Net Neutrality Internet regulations – sure to be shot down in court or by Congress – were labeled as helping to “ensure robust Internet for consumers.” ... more

Robert Knight - Wed Feb 16

Did you know that the nation will soon undergo a test that will determine how effectively the President of the United States can seize control of the media in the event of an “emergency?” Well, that’s not the way they’re putting it. ... more

Romina Boccia - Mon Feb 7

Centuries ago, revolutionaries exchanged secret letters and waited for messages carried on horseback to provide news of how comrades fared on other fronts. Today, the world is captivated by the news, images, and video on global events, which are shared over the Internet by people all over the world instantly. ... more

Michael Barone - Thu Feb 3

Barack Obama, like all American politicians, likes to portray himself as future-oriented and open to technological progress. Yet the vision he set out in his State of the Union address is oddly antique and disturbingly static. ... more

Rich Tucker - Fri Jan 28

Recently the social networking site MySpace announced it was firing some 500 people -- half of its staff. How can this be? ... more

Rachel Alexander - Mon Jan 17

Net neutrality is the latest overreach by the federal government to censor the web. ... more

Romina Boccia - Tue Jan 11

The Internet is the most marvelous and open information highway humanity has yet experienced. ... more

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The pas de deux between the Republican Congress and the Democratic president and Senate can get old pretty quickly. ... more

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He said he was “shellacked” and now the media elites say he’s back, emerging from electoral defeat with a taste of victory. Don't believe the hype. ... more

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The Associated Press's poll of editors and news directors declared the British Petroleum oil spill 2010's biggest story. They're way off the mark. ... more