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Michael Reagan - Thu Jan 28

Michael Barone - Mon Nov 12

Lukewarm. That's the feeling I get from the election numbers. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Jan 24

Newt Gingrich's surge to success in South Carolina has surely brought joy to the Obama White House. ... more

Michael Barone - Mon Jan 23

Those who take a certain pleasure in denouncing the evils negative political advertising should have spent the last week in South Carolina. They could have plunked down in front of TV sets, especially during morning, early evening and late evening news programs, and by adroit use of the remote control seen one negative spot after another. ... more

Matt Towery - Thu Dec 29

I have been polling Iowa presidential caucuses for several cycles now. Our InsiderAdvantage final poll never has failed to show the actual winner of an Iowa presidential caucus. This includes John Kerry's upset win in 2004 and Barack Obama's win in 2008, as well as Mike Huckabee's victory. Now that I've officially jinxed our poll for this year, let's examine why these candidates are actually playing into the hands of President Obama. ... more