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Travelers sometimes stand in awe of nature's beauty or achievements in architecture or the arts. On this trip to Amsterdam, we were confronted with man's choice to do evil or to take a stand for faith and freedom. Choices often come with little warning, but they come to every man, woman, and child when liberty is attacked. ... more

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The desire of intellectuals for some grand theory that will explain complex patterns with some solitary and simple factor has produced many ideas that do not stand up under scrutiny, but which have nevertheless had widespread acceptance -- and sometimes catastrophic consequences -- in countries around the world. ... more

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The Germans play "gotcha" with a decidedly Teutonic skill and attitude. The latest victim is Annette Schavan, Chancellor Merkel's education minister, who resigned her position in a gathering storm of accusations that she plagiarized the doctoral dissertation she wrote 32 years ago. The title sounds particularly apt: "Person and Conscience." ... more

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