National Security on Townhall

Washington, D.C. - Fri Apr 19

Juan Zarate, a former Deputy National Security Adviser, talks with John Miller and Former Boston PD Commissioner Bill Bratton about the background of the Boston bombing suspects. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Wed Mar 27

President Obama's choice to be Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) was approved by the Senate on a vote of 63-34, with thirteen Republicans voting to confirm him. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) created quite a stir with his 13-hour filibuster against the Brennan nomination. ... more

Bill Tatro - Wed Mar 27

What if some government somewhere stated they didn’t like the oppressive policies of Barack Hussein Obama — the intolerable food stamp situation, the unemployment, the million dollar birthdays, in other words, they demand we change our way of life to theirs? ... more

Ransom Notes Radio - Tue Mar 26

Cyprus decided to move forward with seizing bank deposits to fund a bailout. But how big of a deal is this? John Ransom also spoke with Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty about the nexus of Big Business and Big Government. ... more

John Ransom - Sun Mar 24

Stealing is OK as long as each side gets their cut. This is the standard response that you give when anyone points out that your heroes don’t quite live up to the ideals that they supposedly embody: “Everyone does it.” ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sun Mar 24

Once trust is lost it is very slow to recover. For now, much of Europe is acting as if it believes Cyprus is a "one time" thing? But isn't that what we heard about Greece? Who is next? Italy? ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Sun Mar 24

The final kicker is that the bureaucrats at the OECD get tax-free salaries, so they’re insulated from the negative impact of the bad policies they want to impose on everyone else. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Mar 21

Chuck Hagel deserves praise — four words I did not expect to be writing — for announcing an expansion of the U.S. missile-defense system. Fourteen additional ground-based long-range missile interceptors are to be installed in Alaska by 2017 at a cost of $1 billion. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Mar 20

Back in 2007, when he was running for president, Barack Obama criticized George W. Bush's expansive vision of executive power, saying, "I reject the view that the president may do whatever he deems necessary to protect national security. ... more

Night Watch - Tue Mar 19

Eight of the 17 paragraphs of the text were devoted to, or carried forward the application of, the dream. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Sun Mar 17

Somebody must have realigned the planets. That's the only explanation I can fathom for the harsh criticism the editors of the Washington Post unloaded on the Senate Democrats newly released budget. ... more

Jacob Sullum - Wed Mar 13

Last month, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence gave John Brennan, the new CIA director, another opportunity to answer a question he had dodged at his confirmation hearing: "Could the administration carry out drone strikes inside the United States?" Brennan's written response: "This administration has not carried out drone strikes inside the United States and has no intention of doing so." ... more

Night Watch - Mon Mar 11

Over the weekend an al Qaida spokesman in Pakistan stated in a video obituary for a fallen Kashmiri militant that after Afghanistan is retaken, Indian Kashmir is the next target. ... more

Washington, D.C. - Thu Mar 7

Attorney General Eric Holder spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday to urge Congress to act on gun control legislation. He also said the recent budget cuts brought on by the sequester could hamper national security. ... more

Ransom Notes Radio - Wed Mar 6

Amazingly, most of us have gotten past day one of the sequester. But, what are you doing to help all those bureaucrats in DC maintain their average $90,000/year salary? John Ransom spoke about the DOW hitting new highs, and what that means for the economy, with George Jarkesy from the Wall Street Business Network. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Sun Mar 3

Given the world's central bankers are already in a currency war, a policy statement made by a deputy-governor of China's central bank should not come as a surprise. ... more

Daniel J. Mitchell - Sun Mar 3

Biden has reached new levels on unintentional humor with his recent advice on home defense, all of which appears to be illegal according to fellow Bulldog Mary Katherine Ham. ... more

Bill Tatro - Thu Feb 28

The NASA budget cut is most bothersome since the prime directive was to inspire Islamists worldwide about their role in space exploration. ... more

Night Watch - Wed Feb 27

The honorifics are Stalinist in style. Those analysts who hoped that a younger, western educated Kim would be more modern and progressive have proven to be far too optimistic. Kim Jung Un's regime is more severe than that of Kim Chong-il. ... more

John Ransom - Wed Feb 27

“How stupid if we got hit because we weren’t looking?” former astronaut Ed Lu, who runs a non-profit that cheers for asteroid collisions, told Wired Magazine. “That seems crazy to me.” Yeah, it will be much better when the government spends lots of money on asteroid-watching, knows the big one will hit and does nothing. ... more

Bob Beauprez - Mon Feb 25

The technology, known as Coal-Direct Chemical Looping (CCDL), captures more than 99 percent of coal's carbon dioxide emissions based on laboratory research. ... more