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It seems we have a government who increasingly, since the establishment of this great nation, thinks that in order to promote the general welfare it needs to generally promote welfare for all. ... more

Ryan Bomberger - Thu Sep 18

Sarah Jean Seman - Mon Sep 15

In what may be the ultimate Nanny State move, Vermont has outlawed consuming or bringing brownies, cakes, or cookies to school. The mandates are part of a new program titled Smart-Snacks-in-Schools and will apply to lunch items, vending machines, and fundraising events between midnight and half and hour after ... more

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Meet the two “most refreshing things on ice” Coca-Cola and former-Olympian Michelle Kwan. The only problem? Kwan also sits on President Obama’s public health panel, a combination which the Center for Science in the Public Interest claimed sends very mixed signals. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Sun Feb 16

California state Sen. William Monning ?proposed a bill Thursday that would require a warning label on the front of all beverages that have added sweeteners. The label, which would apply to beverages with 75 or more calories in every 12 ounces, would reade: “STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.” ... more

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