Muslim Brotherhood on Townhall

Night Watch - Fri Jul 12

The government prosecutor has ordered the arrest or 206 more Muslim Brotherhood leaders and activists. The new round of arrests began on 10 July for inciting violence in the clash on Monday. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Jul 11

Night Watch - Wed Jul 10

A very wise and brilliant senior analyst was fond of pointing out to less experienced analysts that capitals often are big cities with large populations and many neighborhoods. Most of the city goes about normal business while one or more neighborhood experiences trouble for a time. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Jul 9

Night Watch - Tue Jul 9

The international press is highly polarized over Mursi's replacement. It is very difficult to obtain factual reporting about the intensity, size and breadth of civil disturbances. ... more

Mike Shedlock - Tue Jul 9

Let's hope that cooler head prevail, but the radical Muslim Brotherhood may not give up so easily having been forced out of power by the military. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Mon Jul 8

Michael Youssef - Sun Jul 7

Caroline Glick - Sat Jul 6

Night Watch - Sat Jul 6

The Army also has decapitated the Brotherhood, detaining many of its top leaders. The Brotherhood is likely to be outlawed again for suborning the constitutional order. ... more

Daniel Pipes - Fri Jul 5

Mark Baisley - Mon May 27

I contend that even the election of Barack Obama was a case of national Stockholm Syndrome. ... more

Ken Blackwell - Mon Apr 22

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood's governing majority, is not actually crucifying the nation’s Christians. But they are nonetheless actively persecuting Coptic Christians who are said to be one-tenth of the population of the largest Arab country. ... more

Mona Charen - Tue Apr 16

To understand the magnitude of what Egyptian columnist Khalid Muntasir has done, it helps to get a taste of what most Egyptian and Arab media are like. ... more