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Rachel Marsden - Tue Aug 9

Ipsos has just released a poll measuring citizens' perception of immigration in 23 countries. Despite what politicians around the world would have their countrymen believe, the average person isn't buying the benefits of current immigration policy. ... more

Cliff May - Thu Aug 4

Who deserves the blame for the terrorist attacks in Norway? My answer would be the perpetrator and no one else -- unless it turns out there really is a modern Knights Templar or some other organized movement that sent him on his mission of mass murder. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri Jul 29

Whether or not one agrees with the ideological self-justifications of a terrorist, as a member of a liberal democratic society, one is expected to abhor his act of terrorism. Because by resorting to violence to achieve his aims, the terrorist is acting in a manner that fundamentally undermines the liberal democratic order. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Jul 3

The land of windmills and tulips officially tabled legislation that effectively says to the Religion of Peace, "No, thanks." ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Jun 28

Centuries before William James coined the phrase, men have sought a "moral equivalent of war," some human endeavor to satisfy the jingoistic lust of man, without the carnage of war. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Jun 6

As David Hackett Fischer observed in his excellent 1995 book Paul Revere’s Ride, “The only creature less fashionable in academe than the stereotypical ‘dead white male,’ is the dead white male on horseback.” You can now add Sarah Palin. ... more

Tony Blankley - Wed Jun 1

While Western media continue to rhapsodize about the "Arab Spring democratic revolutions" in the Middle East, it may be that the real democratic revolution is beginning to occur in the European Union and the United States. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Apr 22

Our British and European cousins are wrestling with a problem we don't have -- yet. How far can the state go to require religious beliefs to conform to basic law? You don't have to be a civil libertarian to feel a chill down your back in even putting the dilemma in such blunt terms. ... more

Jonah Goldberg - Wed Apr 13

"Since American liberals don't have the guts to say it, allow me: The Rev. Terry Jones hasn't done anything wrong. Nothing." So writes my friend and conservative radio host Michael Graham in the Boston Herald. And on this, I think Michael's nuts. ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Apr 4

I’m getting to be a crabby old man and I’m not even fifty. But working at a liberal university for eighteen years has taught me never to accept responsibility for my actions or my disposition. ... more

Suzanne Fields - Fri Mar 11

Want to know the way to ensure that you'll fall flat the next time you run a magazine? Put Hillary Clinton on the cover. ... more

Rick Santorum - Fri Feb 18

America used to pride itself on the acceptance of differences toward the larger purpose of building a better America. ... more

Emmett Tyrrell - Thu Feb 17

In pronouncing multiculturalism defunct, the French president joins German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Australia's former prime minister John Howard, Spain's former premier Jose Maria Aznar and, most recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron in heaving a failed policy into history's dustbin. ... more

Pat Buchanan - Tue Feb 15

Multiculturalism has "totally failed," says German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "State multiculturalism has had disastrous results," says Britain's David Cameron. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Feb 13

It appears as if this multicultural smack we’re being sold in the U.S. didn’t work out too well in the U.K. ... more

Cal Thomas - Fri Feb 11

One of liberalism's many problems is that once an idea or program is proved wrong and unworkable, liberals rarely acknowledge their mistake and examine the root cause of their error so they don't repeat it. ... more

Cal Thomas - Thu Feb 10

One of liberalism's many problems is that once an idea or program is proved wrong and unworkable, liberals rarely acknowledge their mistake and examine the root cause of their error so they don't repeat it. ... more

Tony Blankley - Wed Feb 9

Last Sunday, the media were reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood was sitting down with Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, in a completely unrelated story, the BBC reported that British Prime Minster David Cameron announced that "State multiculturalism has failed": "David Cameron has criticized 'state multiculturalism' in his first speech as prime minister on radicalization and the causes of terrorism. ... more

Ben Shapiro - Wed Feb 9

Obsessed with Egypt coverage and the Super Bowl, the media has ignored David Cameron's speech completely. ... more

Ken Connor - Tue Feb 8

One of the hallmarks of contemporary Liberalism is an embrace of multiculturalism. A truly progressive society, so the thinking goes, is one in which people from all walks of life – all racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds – can coexist harmoniously, even though they have radically different world views and conflicting notions about how to order themselves in society. ... more

Michelle Malkin - Wed Jan 26

"We're going to have to out-educate other countries," President Obama urged this week. How? By out-spending them, of course! It's the same old quack cure for America's fat and failing government-run schools monopoly. ... more

Mary Grabar - Thu Jan 20

For college students at the memorial service for the victims of the January 8th shooting at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ event the benediction by a longhaired college professor invoking “masculine energy” and “feminine energy” that somehow coalesces in a magical middle confirms the validity of their lessons in multiculturalism and the virtue of primitivism. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Nov 24

And should Republicans oblige? ... more

Mike Adams - Mon Nov 1

The 2012 presidential election is fast approaching. The five Republican candidates are participating in a nationally televised debate. One of the questions read by the moderator is selected from among dozens submitted by audience members. ... more

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