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Humberto Fontova - Tue Jul 12

Those charming, smiling hosts who escorted Bourdain around Castro’s fiefdom were all regime apparatchiks. Immediately upon applying for his Cuban visa, well before Bourdain even set foot in Cuba, Castro’s intelligence had Bourdain completely sussed and his future escorts completely briefed. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Mon Jun 27

Let's excuse our intrepid "watchdog" MSM. They're too busy rummaging through Sarah Palin's garbage to report on the actual sayings and doings by our actual Government officials. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Jun 17

Four years ago the Fair Tax movement helped power Mike Huckabee to a win in the Iowa caucuses. The former Arkansas governor embraced the scheme and all of its absurd assumptions –the Constitution could be amended to repeal the 17thAmendment, senior citizens wouldn’t mind having many of their assets devalued overnight etc—and reaped the political benefits. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Jun 10

Two enormous stories are waiting for the MSM when it recovers from the Weiner implosion. One concerns domestic policy and the other foreign. ... more

John Ransom - Mon Jun 6

As David Hackett Fischer observed in his excellent 1995 book Paul Revere’s Ride, “The only creature less fashionable in academe than the stereotypical ‘dead white male,’ is the dead white male on horseback.” You can now add Sarah Palin. ... more

Derek Hunter - Sun Jun 5

You’ve undoubtedly seen the big news from this week, but here are a few things you might have missed. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Jun 3

Republican primary voters have a very strong field of potential opponents for President Obama in November 2012 from which to choose. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Tue May 17

Newt's campaign isn't dead. It is wounded, but not in a "Monty Python Black Knight" sort of way, but rather in the sort of "if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger" way. ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon May 16

I don’t often write about the situation in the Middle East because more often than not, the principal concern is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a man of Jewish faith, I am perceived as a partisan for Israel and thus my opinion is often discounted. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Thu May 12

For inviting the rapper-“poet” named “Common,” to the White House, our First Lady is currently taking some heat. Common’s lyric, it appears, are a trifle “racy,” plus in his “poetry”, he hails Black-Panther/Cop-killer Joan “Assata Shakur” Chesimard. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu May 5

The GOP race for the 2012 presidential nomination arguably gets underway Thursday night in South Carolina. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Thu Apr 21

The MSM is all aflutter, atwitter and agape over Cuba’s Communist Party “Congress” this week where Fidel Castro (84), former Cuban “President,” and “First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party,” officially “resigned” his position as “First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party.” ... more

Ross Mackenzie - Thu Apr 21

What are some principal developments and changes witnessed during a 30-year career in syndication -- indeed, a 46-year career in the newspaper business? ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Apr 8

I will speak tonight in Phoenix at the Arizona Right to Life dinner. The dinner raises money for pro-life activities in Arizona, and this year the honoree is Arizona's wonderful United States Senator Jon Kyl, long a champion of the rights of the unborn. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Apr 6

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's fiscal blueprint for 2012 and beyond has rightly been hailed as an enormously important development in the budget wars. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Apr 1

Canny House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier went out of his way to remind me and my audience this week that House Speaker John Boehner was a "devout Roman Catholic." ... more

Brent Bozell - Fri Mar 25

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the perpetually immature creators of the filthy cartoon "South Park," have spent years delivering product sure to please high school sophomores and L.A. Times film critics. Now they're taking aim at Mormons. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Mar 24

Congratulations on a great start to your term as chair of the Republican National Committee. Past supporters are returning again to with confidence that their contributions will be well-managed and that the RNC will be about the business of building the party at every level. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Wed Mar 16

Speaker John Boehner, GOP Leader Eric Cantor and GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy have been in charge since November 2, and even though their formal power only arrived in January, they have had more than four months to prepare the debate over the CR, the debt ceiling and the FY 2012 budget. ... more

Humberto Fontova - Thu Mar 3

This guay was a union protestor in Madison Wisconsin caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Fidel Castro and clone Che Guevara... ... more

Diana West - Fri Feb 18

Why CBS kept mum for four days about the brutal sexual assault of network correspondent Lara Logan by a Tahrir Square mob on Feb. 11 we just don't know. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Feb 17

House Republicans lost the first round of the messaging battle over the budget last week with a lame attempt to cut less than $40 billion against the Pledge to America's goal of at least $100 billion. ... more

Bruce Bialosky - Mon Jan 17

The negative attacks from the left would normally not dissuade Republicans, but her numbers are down among them as well. ... more

Diana West - Thu Jan 13

The suppression of the facts is by no means the most dangerous aspect of any Big Lie. After all, facts don't go away even amid efforts to suppress them. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Jan 13

None of the candidates who seek this weekend to replace Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee are household names. Whichever one emerges as chair will almost certainly define their first tasks as the repair devastated morale at the RNC and the rehabilitation of the donor rolls and the party's operations. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Thu Dec 23

Wednesday's press conference may have starred President Obama fresh off his alleged big win on START and DADT, his losses on the Dream Act and the Omnibus spending bill, and the tie on the tax deal, but the big story was the eagerness of the White House Press Corp to revert to fawning treatment of their once-and-future leader. ... more