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The big news that came out last week about the labor unions unhappy with Obamacare just doesn’t strike true. I can see what is coming down the pike. After much deliberation and hand-wringing, it will be decided that this version of Obamacare just won’t work and what is really needed is single payer. ... more

Morgan Brittany - Mon May 20

The IRS succeeded in shutting down the opposition and they were all high-fived and handsomely rewarded. ... more

Morgan Brittany - Mon May 13

Why is it always such a shock when news emerges that the government is doing something underhanded and illegal? The allegations that the IRS was targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny have now expanded to the uncovering of the fact that they were also singling out Jewish groups that were pro-Israel. ... more

Morgan Brittany - Thu Apr 25

We paid for a family of non-citizens to live in our country for years, go to our schools and have all the advantages of a wonderful free society so that they could become radicalized and kill us? ... more

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Look no further than that luscious stash of cash that is just sitting there in people’s retirement accounts. ... more

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Looks like we have returned to part of that nightmare with the jobless numbers, and the only reason the other parts haven’t kicked in yet is because the Fed is artificially keeping interest rates down and printing money like it’s going out of style. ... more

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If ever there was a Pandora’s Box, Obamacare is it, with new surprises and revelations jumping out at us almost daily. ... more

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I see the American people getting hammered by higher taxes and skyrocketing costs in everything from gas, food, health care and education while Obama and Biden gallivant all over the world on the taxpayers dime. ... more