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A North Carolina school refused to hang posters depicting an American Flag and the national motto “In God We Trust” — the legal counsel feared the signs would be seen as promoting religion. ... more

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October's jobs report is out and - despite the bizarre jubilation of the mainstream media - minorities are still being hit the hardest as the economy fails to recover. Black youth unemployment is 393% higher than the national average and women's labor participation hit a record low. ... more

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For the last twenty years or so, first as a Republican, and of late as an independent conservative, I have been imploring the GOP to reach out in more meaningful ways to Hispanic and minority-America. Of course, unlike some connected with the Republican National Committee, I would suggest we do so without abandoning some of our principles -- or by the way, the principles of those in those communities. ... more

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On talk radio, in internet commentary and at right wing conferences, worried analysts and activists obsess over the dire electoral consequence of "three million missing Republicans" who doomed conservative chances in 2012. ... more

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In some parts of the nation, the media is trying to paint minority problems as essentially well-coordinated, monochromic cultural issues. Unfortunately this paradigm is producing an unsettling clash. Black and Latino problems are not the same! ... more

Rachel Alexander - Mon Mar 11

Republicans are losing elections in part because they are losing key demographic groups. Some of those groups, like Hispanics, are growing, making them impossible to ignore. 37 percent of the country is nonwhite. Hispanics comprise 16 percent of the population, accounting for half the population growth within the past decade. 51 percent of children born in California are Hispanic, and 46 percent of the population in New Mexico is Hispanic. ... more

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It is clear Republican failed to capture the votes of Hispanics, Asians and other groups. So let’s take a look at where they are and what they need to do. ... more

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Greek mythology, with its tales of Zeus, Apollo and Hera doesn't have a thing on the mythology that liberals have created around themselves. There's Bubba, the President who can feel your pain, BO the leader who has the ability to never be blamed for anything and, of course, the wronged woman Fluke who the gods granted free birth control for the rest of her life for not being allowed to speak to a committee...or something. ... more