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Seeking to avoid "racial profiling" ... more

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Many have wondered for a while now whether taxpayer money was being used for inappropriate purposes over at Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. It appears that we now have solid proof that this is actually happening! ... more

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In the midst of Minnesota's rollout crisis, what did MNsurance’s executive director, April Todd-Malmlov, do? She went to Costa Rica. ... more

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Mayor Robert Tufts was officially re-elected to his second term in the small town of Dorset, Minnesota – all before his fifth birthday. ... more

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After announcing that she would not run for re-election next year, Michele Bachmann also spurred her opponent to drop out of the race. ... more

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Each year, Minnesota government schools close for two days (just before the weekend, of course) so teachers’ union members can gather at a conference organized by their union. ... more