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When tragedy strikes U.S. military special operators, the Red Circle Foundation stands ready to help their families. ... more

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Each year the TSA collects an average of $465,000 in unclaimed money from security checkpoints across the country. ... more

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Doug Giles - Mon May 28

This Memorial Day, while you are enjoying your class reunion, family get-together, outdoor barbeque, or an extra day off work, please remember all the Bernie Deghands who died serving this great country so that you can enjoy the freedoms that have been bought and paid for with real lives of real people. ... more

Vicki Alger - Wed May 23

Americans want to honor the veterans and service members who sacrifice so much to defend our country. That’s why we have holidays like Memorial Day. Yet members of our military deserve more than speeches and parades. They deserve policies that reduce the price that they and their families have to pay for their service. ... more

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