Mike Pence on Townhall

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Canny House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier went out of his way to remind me and my audience this week that House Speaker John Boehner was a "devout Roman Catholic." ... more

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Washington, D.C. - Wed Mar 23

From Rep. Mike Pence's speech one year ago when ObamaCare passed: "Some say we're making history. I say we're breaking history. We're breaking with our finest traditions: limited government, personal responsibility, and the consent of the governed." ... more

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When Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana decided to announce recently that he isn't going to run for the Republican nomination for president -- and instead is likely to run for governor of his state -- you would have thought, from the reaction in some quarters, that he had committed the ultimate act of betrayal. ... more

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A new Associated Press-GfK poll that shows Americans evenly divided on the Obamacare repeal is getting big play as the House opens debate on precisely that course of action. ... more

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In the halls of a congressional office building, right across from Nancy Pelosi’s representative office, first-time Rep. Todd Rokita is settling into his new workspace. ... more

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There are a lot great conservative Americans and almost everyone reading this column could quickly and easily run off many of their names. ... more

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Speaking to the Federalist Society Friday, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) outlined both his view of the presidency and what he feels are the job’s constitutional parameters. And he contrasted those views with the actions of the current administration. ... more

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Republicans are giddy about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi becoming Minority Leader of House Democrats. It was her legislative agenda that got the Dems hammered in the election. ... more

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