Mike Huckabee on Townhall

Elisabeth Meinecke - Tue Jan 31

Michael Medved - Wed Jan 18

Mike Huckabee, affable host at this weekend’s Republican debate in South Carolina, occasionally (and effortlessly) upstaged the five presidential candidates who participated. The former Arkansas governor remains such a comfortable, self-assured media presence that many conservatives yearn for him to play a more prominent role in the party’s national leadership. ... more

Ken Connor - Wed Dec 7

The inevitable has happened. After weeks of steadily plummeting polls numbers and increasing political pressure, Herman Cain's campaign has finally collapsed under the weight of multiple allegations of sexual infidelity. ... more

Steve Deace - Sat Nov 19

Is Rush Limbaugh’s influence waning? ... more

Katie Pavlich - Thu Nov 17

Steve Deace - Sat Nov 5

The first in the nation caucuses in my state are a little more than 60 days away, soon to be followed by crucial early primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Nov 2

With Rick Perry suddenly pushing a flat tax and Herman Cain substantively revising his popular 9-9-9 revenue plan, GOP candidates may finally refocus their feverish, fatuous immigration obsession, dropping an issue emphasis that’s destructive, distracting, demented and downright dumb. ... more

Matt Mackowiak - Fri Oct 7

Primary campaigns are about enthusiasm. There is little evidence of any enthusiasm for the 2012 presidential candidacy of Willard Mitt Romney anywhere outside of New Hampshire or the immediate Romney family or campaign staff. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Fri Sep 30

Washington, DC - Mon Sep 12

He thinks Perry's a mite too blunt for the general. ... more

New York - Fri Aug 5

Huckabee defends himself against slanderous attacks from MSNBC. ... more

Townhall.com Staff - Mon Jul 25

Townhall.com Staff - Thu Jul 21

New York - Tue Jul 19

Laura Ingraham interviews Mike Huckabee on how 2012 GOP presidential contenders are handling the debt battle. ... more

Michael Medved - Wed Jun 29

As a fateful presidential race gradually takes shape, political junkies will feel both bemused and mystified by the persistence of marginal candidates who have no chance whatsoever of caucus or primary victories. In 2012, as in previous years, it ought to be obvious that some of these purported White House aspirants are actually running for profit, not for president. ... more

Rich Galen - Mon Jun 27

The Register, as it's known to one and all, has long been the dominant paper in Iowa, and is THE source for inside info on who's up, who's down, who's in and who's out when it comes to Presidential politics. ... more

Hugh Hewitt - Fri Jun 17

Four years ago the Fair Tax movement helped power Mike Huckabee to a win in the Iowa caucuses. The former Arkansas governor embraced the scheme and all of its absurd assumptions –the Constitution could be amended to repeal the 17thAmendment, senior citizens wouldn’t mind having many of their assets devalued overnight etc—and reaped the political benefits. ... more