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By spending the last three decades leveling accusations of "racism" every 10 seconds, liberals have made it virtually impossible for Americans to recognize real racism -- for example, the racism constantly spewed at black conservatives. ... more

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As someone who was born in the seventies in North Carolina and grew up admiring people like Muhammad Ali, Satchel Paige, and even Malcolm X (Yes, really) that was a pretty good example of the world I grew up in. ... more

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Nowhere is the strike zone more generous than in politics where slander and character assassination is expected. However, the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee is getting pounded for creating a new low standard. ... more

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The jockeying that will determine the next chairman must involve an extra consideration. Regarding the new and powerful element now practicing conservative politics known as the Tea Party, their identity and message should be used to measure the candidates. ... more

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None of the candidates who seek this weekend to replace Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee are household names. Whichever one emerges as chair will almost certainly define their first tasks as the repair devastated morale at the RNC and the rehabilitation of the donor rolls and the party's operations. ... more

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