Michael Reagan on Townhall

New York, NY - Thu Nov 29

"We're still waiting, by the way, for those spending cuts to kick in," he tells Neil Cavuto. ... more

America - Wed Jan 11

"Well, I don't think you know me, Piers Morgan, I think we've maybe spent 8 seconds together." ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Jan 5

Iowa caucus results show it's still early in the game and nothing's certain. So what happened on the way to the Republican presidential nomination? ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Dec 14

They say they are all Reaganites and that they want my father to return -- my father, who lived by his so-called 11th Commandment that no Republican should speak ill of another Republican. ... more

Michael Reagan - Sun Aug 7

He should quit blaming the rich for being successful and take a look in the mirror. Instead of quoting my father to justify himself and his shocking incompetence he should try to imitate my Dad and try to govern as well as my Dad did. ... more

Michael Reagan - Thu Jul 7

According to a shocking news report, California legislators have enacted legislation that gives the state the dubious distinction of being the first state in the nation to require public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in their social studies curriculum. ... more

Michael Reagan - Wed Feb 2

There has been a lot of media buzz about the thousands of prostitutes, strippers and pole dancers streaming into the Dallas area for the Super Bowl weekend. But what rarely gets reported is the alarming fact that hiding behind the push-up bras, false eyelashes and stilettos are children, some as young as 12 years of age, who are victims of human sex trafficking. ... more