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Christine Rousselle - Tue Sep 22

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Paul Jacob - Sun Jan 25

Robert Knight - Wed Mar 12

Cortney O'Brien - Tue Oct 8

This Sunday, about 400 feet from Washington, DC’s busy Union Station, an explosion erupted underground. It was a “loud noise” accompanied by erupting flames, according to Metro. A worker was killed. Two others were injured. Yet, in a stunning decision, the National Transportation Safety Board has decided not to investigate the incident. ... more

Washington, DC - Fri Mar 2

DC transit authority says the ad in the DC metro is protected by the First Amendment and refuses to pull it. ... more

Michael Barone - Thu Feb 16

Believers in central planning should take a look at Washington's Metro rail transit system. While they will find many things to like, they will also see examples of how central planners -- and especially rail transit planners -- can get things disastrously and expensively wrong. ... more