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Jonah Goldberg - Fri Apr 12

Er, no. At least not by my lights. But maybe the country singer and the first-term senator are contenders for that title according to the attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder. ... more

Doug Giles - Sun Mar 10

Last week on Hannity a “Democratic Strategist” named Zerlina Maxwell told Sean and his audience that guns are not the proper deterrent to dissuade rapists, but rather “teaching men not to rape is the key”. When I heard that chunk of stupidity I blew apple juice out of my nostrils -- and I haven’t had any apple juice in the last eight years. ... more

Baptist Press - Fri Mar 1

CULTURE DIGEST: Methodist men join calls against Boy Scouts change ... more

Linda Chavez - Fri Mar 1

When one of Washington's most distinguished journalists -- Bob Woodward -- accuses the White House of rewriting history, even liberals should take note. And when the White House responds by threatening him, you would think the story would become a national scandal. What makes the story even more important is that it deals with an issue that has dominated the news in recent weeks: the Draconian budget cuts that will take effect on March 1 unless a last-minute deal is reached in Congress. ... more

Reuters News - Mon Feb 18

Charles Payne - Fri Jan 25

Earlier this week a New Zealand politician, Gareth Morgan, asked his countrymen to get rid of housecats. Yes, your housecat is one of the most destructive killing machines on the planet, and environmentalists have taken notice. ... more

Reuters News - Wed Dec 5