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Oliver North - Fri Jul 15

Few of us ever will meet a Medal of Honor recipient. Fewer still ever will have the opportunity to be of assistance to one. In part, that's because "The Medal" -- our nation's highest military decoration, awarded for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty" -- is worn by just 85 living Americans. ... more

Reuters News - Tue Jul 12

Washington DC - Tue Jul 12

Sgt. Leroy Petry lost his arm throwing a live grenade away from his fellow soldiers, and received the nation's highest honor today. ... more Staff - Fri Jun 24

Brent Bozell - Wed May 4

When word emerged Sunday night that President Obama would be making remarks from the White House at 10:30 p.m., viewers knew it must be important. When it began to leak that America had finally found and killed Osama bin Laden, there was joy from sea to shining sea. ... more

Sandy Rios - Wed Dec 15

The Senate should reject any stand-alone amendment overturning the 1996 Congressional Law preventing homosexuals from serving in the military. Why? ... more

AP News - Tue Nov 23

Oliver North - Fri Nov 19

Thanks to our media's infatuation with the rich and famous, we now know more about a British prince's fiancee than we do about one of our bravest and brightest countrymen. ... more